What Our Clients Say About Us

Ishita & Dev

"Aviraj's work is the perfect amalgamation of subtlety and great power. It is very evident that he spends a lot of time observing the individuals and their needs prior to shooting an event; a trait that a lot of the new-age photographers take for granted. He blends into the event like a great friend yet doesn't miss a single opportunity to pop up from anywhere to capture the best of moments. My friends actually referred to him as the 'Ninja Photographer' during celebration week. There is an essence of remarkable perfection in his deliverables - scrolling through the highlights you'd find yourself living each moment, remembering each joke, revisiting every dance move, etc. like it was just yesterday. It is a pleasure to work with Aviraj and watch the precision that goes into his work. And above all, you end up making a great friend!"

Rhea & Suveer

"Aviraj is extremely talented, and has a keen eye for capturing the most special moments, which tend to go unnoticed ever so often. Right from before the event, to post photo delivery & communication, he is meticulous and thoroughly professional. There is a true sense of comfort with him and his team. Thank you for giving us photographs we can cherish for a lifetime! It was a real pleasure having you as part of our special day - and there's more to come! Great work and highly highly recommended."

Nupur & Gautam

"Aviraj is a meticulous and gifted photographer who values client brief/feedback and puts you at the center of everything he does. Aviraj curated a complementary and talented team of photographers for our wedding and really went the extra mile in ensuring all our needs were met/exceeded. Aviraj's photography style is subtle yet powerful. As a wedding photographer, he is exceptionally professional and prompt- a rare quality in the Indian wedding industry. It is so easy to feel comfortable around him and this translates into magical, candid, dreamy shots. Aviraj got very involved in our wedding planning and execution and his inputs along the journey were most appreciated/helpful. We consider him a friend now and would wholeheartedly recommend his services for any special ocassion for which you want timeless, brilliant, hassle free memories. After he covered our wedding, 2 of our cousins hired him for theirs and it has been exciting to see him deliver everytime and become a family favourite! No bigger testimonial than that u would think.....:)"

April & Jai

"In a high pressure setting, and which wedding isn't really, Aviraj and his team are exactly the kind of people you should have around. They are never in your face or obtrusive in any way, you don't need to take care of them, they take care of themselves along with everyone else and still manage to get the most beautiful photographs in the process. They seamlessly merged into our gathering of family and friends, were always so polite and went out of their way to create magical permanent proof of all the special people and parts that came together for our celebration. Having a photographer like Aviraj gives one the inspiration to host more events in ones life just so he can come take pictures! Of course, I wholeheartedly recommend him to everyone for everything and can confidently say your search for a photographer should start and end with him; look no further."

Nayantara & Saurabh

"An absolutely amazing photographer- so so talented!! Makes you feel incredibly comfortable so much so that every picture looks effortless. An eye for capturing the perfect moments. Aviraj and his team became a part of the family and made sure they captured the mood of our wedding so beautifully!! Thanks you guys-you manage to make us relive our wedding through your photographs!!"

Anika & Akshay

"Aviraj and his team create magic! Being a wedding designer, i was soo particular about every vendor involved but everything with aviraj was seamless. They went out of their way to make us feel so comfortable and yet took some super stunning pictures. Every detail was captured so beautifully, there was no need for a brief because they are so particular themselves. The whole team became a part of the family - it was such a pleasure to work with them. Aviraj and team - you guys are super awesome !!!!!! Keep going and growing. Lots of love."

Ruchi & Binoy

"Aviraj and his team were wonderful! They worked at understanding exactly what we wanted and delivered beautifully. They captured everything exactly as we wished and went out of their way to make us feel comfortable through the functions. We are extremely happy with our final edits and highly recommend Aviraj's work to our friends."

Akanksha & Manav

“Just like all Indian weddings, ours was a very colorful, vibrant, and an energetic one with a whirlpool of emotions we just could not hold on to. To put our faith in Aviraj was probably the easiest decision we had to make for the wedding! After our initial phone conversations we knew we found our match! 6 months after our wedding, when we look through those photos and relive every moment, we thank ourselves for believing in him.”

Saryu & Nilesh

“Aviraj metamorphosed our simple wedding into a grand affair through his lens. Reflecting back on our momentous day through Aviraj’s photography is always an emotion-rich experience. Thank you for helping us cherish our sweetest memories through your work.”

Namrata & Nishant

“Meet Aviraj Saluja and commit his face to memory, because for the biggest day of your life you won’t see him. Not unless you are looking behind trees, above some roof or between some unfortunate uncle’s heads. There he stands with his face hidden behind his camera creating his magic! He has a fine eye for detail that lends an element of drama to pictures that make one look like they’re ready to star in the movies! He seems to have a knack of capturing a kaleidoscope of emotions at the perfect moments and unlike most photographers will not be in your face! His expertise definitely showed in our pictures and left us craving for more! We would happily recommend Aviraj to anyone looking for wedding photographers to turn their biggest day into a beautiful memory!"

Ahad & Parveen

"We took our time choosing a wedding photographer. Our biggest hesitation was price, but the quality of Avi's results made it all worth it. Avi's work is outstanding and we were thrilled with our photographs. He gives you hundreds of photographs per event (he doesn't miss anything), and each and every one is beautiful. None are there to simply "make up numbers". He was slow in getting us the photos - it took much longer than we were initially told - but if you're patient and adjust your time expectations, it's absolutely worth it."

Anuja & Gaurabh

"The only way to capture the most amazing moments for your life are through your wedding pictures and we knew that. My husband and I are both designers so obviously we had a very specific idea of how we wanted our wedding pictures to be. Both from india but not residing there anymore made it extremely difficult to find the right photographer for us. We didn't want a single picture where our beloved guests are harassed and shown in the most obnoxious ways possible "eating". Before our skype call with Aviraj, I had a long list of do's and Don'ts but I didn't have to list any. We had found our photographer. The MOST UNIQUE quality a photographer can have to get the best emotions out of you and your wedding party, is by being a part of the wedding. The fact that most our friends thought he was our friend with just a fancy equipment was a success in itself. Aviraj and his team, who were just as amazing, did a great job and we will be thankful to have them be a part of our wedding forever."

Neha & Kshitij

"Though I went through pretty much all available online options, I found Aviraj to be the quickest to revert & sorted in his vision. He sat down with the couple to get a sense of what we were like & had a lot of ideas he threw out. While I'm sure most people out there do the same, I found him to be much more sincere & committed than the others. Ofcourse his rates aren't the cheapest, but he provides you with joy once you see the pictures. Mind you, his turnaround time is almost 1.5 months to provide the edited pictures but believe me, he does a fabulous job. He sits on every individual picture and overall, I feel he provides a more boutique personalized service instead of a factory style process which so many guys follow. Strongly Recommend!"

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